Capital V Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote veganism as a way of life and reduce animal suffering. Our policy plan outlines our approach and objectives for achieving our mission. We will work towards the following goals to create a more compassionate, just, and sustainable world.


  1. Promoting veganism: We will promote veganism as a way of life through various mediums such as social media, events, workshops, and seminars. We will create an online platform to share resources, including vegan recipes, nutrition tips, and other relevant information. We will also collaborate with other organizations to host vegan events and spread awareness about the benefits of veganism.
  2. Providing education: We will provide education to the public about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, animal welfare, and human health. Our educational programs will be targeted at schools, colleges, and universities, as well as the wider community. We will support writers and film makers to help them achieve their work.
  3. Supporting animal welfare organizations: We will support animal welfare organizations that align with our values and goals. We will partner with them to provide financial assistance, volunteer services, and other resources to help them achieve their mission. We will also work towards raising awareness about the work that they do and the importance of supporting animal welfare.
  4. Collaborating with businesses: We will work with businesses to encourage them to adopt vegan-friendly policies and practices. We will advocate for the inclusion of vegan options on menus, cruelty-free products, and other ethical practices. We will also promote businesses that have already made efforts to adopt vegan practices.
  5. Advocating for animal rights: We will advocate for animal rights by lobbying government officials and policy-makers to create laws that protect animals and promote veganism. We will work towards changing laws that allow for animal cruelty, such as factory farming and animal testing. We will also engage with the media to raise awareness about animal rights issues.

Conclusion: Capital V Foundation is committed to promoting veganism and reducing animal suffering. Our policy plan outlines our approach and objectives to achieve our mission. We will work towards promoting veganism, providing education, supporting animal welfare organizations, collaborating with businesses, and advocating for animal rights. We believe that by working together, we can create a more compassionate, just, and sustainable world.

Michiel van Deursen (Chairman)
Holly Barber (Secretary)
Michael Stanneveld (Treasurer)


Stichting Capital V
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Email: info@capitalv.org


KVK: 89385977
RSIN: 864964821


The members of the Board are unpaid.


Since the Foundation has just been incorporated we have no financial reports or activities yet. We will publish any activity on our Updates page.